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Adapted Car Hire News Updates: Injured troops to have disability benefits simplified

The Ministry of Defence and Department for Work and Pensions have announced the financial support system for wounded members of the Armed Forces will be simplified and that disability payments will be given on top of injury compensation awards.

Under the old proposals, seriously injured troops would have been forced to undergo two disability assessments to get their benefits – once by the military and again by civil servants. However, some charities have complained saying injured war heroes would be submitted to unnecessary and humiliating extra checks.

Plus, injured servicemen and women would not have been automatically entitled to benefits under the welfare reforms and so the Prime Minister has stepped in: “We are now saying when it comes to the disability benefits we are reforming, the military are going to have a special set of circumstances so they get a special deal.”

Under the new plans, seriously wounded veterans will be guaranteed at least £130 per week towards the cost of care and living.

Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, said: “These brave individuals have served their country with honour and it is only right and proper that they receive financial support to help them with injuries caused by their service.”

The Heroes Committee, which advises 10 Downing Street, is also proposing specialist help for injured veterans including better quality prosthetic limbs and IVF treatment for those whose fertility has been affected by their injuries.

In other news, the Welsh government has announced a scheme to help disabled Remploy workers who are losing their jobs through factory closures.

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