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Adapted Vehicle Hire News: Disabled families in a “struggle for survival”

Disabled families are left in a “struggle for survival” as savage cuts to welfare hit them particularly hard, according to a study by thinktank Demos.

The in-depth study focused on six households and how the cuts have affected them. One family experienced a total income loss of £269.45 from April 2011 to June 2012, and another is being forced to cope with £2,066.67 less income.

Based on this study, the Guardian reports disabled people and their carers have seen their income slashed by £500m in just two years and over the next three years they will experience a further £9 billion of cuts.

As well as dealing with an attack on their incomes, the report suggests disabled households are feeling under attack in the media with news stories portraying them as “benefit scroungers”, the report suggests it is believed this has contributed to increasing reports of disability-related abuse and crime in recent months.

The report goes on to say: “Financial uncertainty and concern at home – combined with a hostile political and media environment – have left our six disabled households, and no doubt many like them, feeling unfairly treated, persecuted even, and struggling to cope financially and emotionally.”

Claudia Wood, deputy director of Demos, told the Guardian: “The safety net has well and truly gone. Two decades of progress in disabled people’s living standards is being unravelled as disabled people’s quality of life is being narrowed.”

She said disabled people were “struggling with a toxic combination of lower income, higher living costs and fewer services to support them,” and continued: “The cumulative impact of this at household level has seen carers stretched to breaking point and people telling us they have gone from ‘getting on with living’ to ‘struggling to survive’.”

In other news, a new campaign run by national charity Disabled Motoring UK  and Constables, backed by Adapted Vehicle Hire is calling for all converted vehicles to be ‘sled tested’ and for a change in the law to improve the safety of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs).

Adapted Vehicle Hire helps disabled motorists and carers with their adapted car needs. Click here to find out more.