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Adapted Vehicle Hire News Updates: Jail blue badge abusers, says MP

Tory MP Philip Davies has called for drivers who use stolen blue badges to face a minimum six month jail sentence.

The Blue Badge is a national scheme which provides parking concessions for disabled motorists. It has been used in the UK since 1970 when it was introduced with the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act. It usually allows people with mobility problems to park closer to the town centre or shop entrances and is designed to promote independent travel.

There are approximately 2.5 million blue badges in circulation in the UK and connected fraud is estimated to cost £46m a year.

Davies, the MP for Shipley, says misuse of the badge is not taken seriously by the authorities and told the Commons: “This actually causes a great deal of distress to many people. It causes them not just inconvenience but it can deprive people of actually going out and living their lives.”

Mr Davies called for drivers who use a fake disabled parking badge to be given a three month sentence and those who use a stolen one to face six months because of the “double whammy” effect it has on disabled drivers.

“If somebody steals a blue badge, not only are they then using a space that they don’t need and denying somebody else that space, but they’ve also taken away the blue badge from the person who genuinely does need it.”

With a large selection of specially adapted vehicles for use by disabled drivers and wheelchair accessible vehicles, AVH is a champion for independent travel and welcomes calls for authorities to look at the issue more seriously.

In other news, journalist and wheelchair user Paul Carter has demonstrated the difficulties many disabled people can face when searching for an accessible apartment.

If you have a disability, look after someone who is disabled or have mobility problems, I-drive from Adapted Vehicle Hire is a portal which could help you with information and advice. Click here to find out more.