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Adapted Vehicle Hire News Updates: Supreme court ruling could mean thousands more people get access to care

The supreme court yesterday (31 May) ruled councils must be open and transparent about how they reach decisions on the funding of home care packages for individuals. This could potentially make it easier for thousands of people across the country to get access to social care.

At the centre of the case was a 26 year old, identified as ‘KM’, who was challenging the £85,000 a year care package he had been offered by Cambridgeshire County Council. The court ultimately ruled against him; however KM’s solicitors still believe this judgement is “potentially the biggest community care ruling in 15 years”.

Simon Foster, head of legal services at Sense, a national charity for deaf-blind people, and one of four disability charities involved in the case, said: “This is a terribly important ruling. It will make a significant difference to the way people are assessed and the way services are provided.”

Judges also ruled councils must not take the state of their own finances into account when deciding how much financial support to offer someone with ill-health or a limiting condition.

Despite the claims that this could potentially see thousands of people across the country get access to social care, council officials played down the judgment saying there would be no major financial impact on councils as a result of the ruling.

In other news, Channel 4 News’ No Go Britain has raised fresh concerns about travelling around London for those with mobility problems.

Adapted Vehicle Hire has launched an innovative new ‘Car & Driver’ chauffeur service for those with mobility problems to combat the severe limitations in both the public transport options and disabled parking provision associated with the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. Click here to find out more.