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Adapted Vehicle Hire News Updates: ‘Driver training needed’ for users of mobility scooters

Campaigners have called for driver training for users of mobility scooters, due to concerns over the number of accidents, according to a BBC report.

More than 300,000 people are thought to use mobility scooters in the UK. However, because mobility scooters are classified as medical devices instead of motor vehicles, they are exempt from the Road Traffic Act.

For this reason, police are often unable to prosecute users of mobility scooters.

According to the Devon and Cornwall Police, there have been 200 public safety incidents involving mobility scooters in the last three years, which suggests a national problem. These incidents included pedestrians being knocked over.

Safety campaigner John Seamon is from Scoot-A-Long, an organisation that provides specialist transport equipment and caravans to help disabled children and adults in the south-west to take trips they might not otherwise be able to make. Visit the BBC news website to watch him demonstrate how better training could help scooter users travel more safely.

In other news, leading charity the Epilepsy Society is petitioning the Government to extend the benefits of bus passes for disabled people to improve accessibility.

Adapted Vehicle Hire has a selection of rental cars with specialist adaptations for those with a disability or mobility problems, plus a full range of wheelchair accessible vehicles. Click here to find out more.