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Flexible Adapted Car Hire for the Disabled!

Disabled Travel

Accessible transport is hugely important to disabled people, enabling them to contribute to society and enjoy their independence. Yet for many such accessible transport, especially public transport is fraught with issues. With reported problems ranging from overcrowding, inaccessible vehicles / stops and stations and lack of assistance and some wheelchair users suggesting they were refused access to buses due to the disabled or wheelchair space being occupied by a push-chair. One such wheelchair user told Age UK ‘in rush hour, it’s even worse and it’s very unlikely that I’ll get on a bus at all’. Unfortunately such complaints by disabled individuals, especially wheelchair users are widespread and it has been reported such issues cause the disabled community to travel a third less than members of the able bodied general public. As such, it could be argued this stops them feeling fully able to contribute to society in a manner they would wish and Head of Campaigns for Arthritis Care Federico Mosocugirui argues ‘a lack of confidence in being able to get where you want to go without excessive difficulties or discomfort holds many disabled people back’.

Not surprising then that central to the mobility of disabled people are cars, with the disabled community considering private cars to be the only convenient and accessible form of transport (DPTAC, 2002). However, most disabled people, especially wheelchair users do not own a vehicle or have access to a vehicle adapted to their specific disability needs. So whilst perhaps the best option and preferred method of travel a standard vehicle still does not fully adapt to the needs of a disabled person or wheelchair user and could cause discomfort especially on long or frequent journeys.

What We Do To Help

We believe that disabled people should be able to contribute to society and enjoy doing so without the excessive difficulties found when using the transport available to them. They should also be able to begin a journey without the worry or stress of what difficulties lie ahead or await them at their intended destination. At Adapted Vehicle Hire our extensive range of adapted cars for the disabled offer excellent peace of mind when travelling. With a variety of terms available ranging from daily, short, medium and long term car hire we offer a wide range of wheelchair accessible vehiclesfrom Small Peugeot Partner through to WAV minibuses and fully automated vehicles in which the user can transfer from their wheelchair into the driving position. All of our adapted hire cars for the disabled have a full range of bespoke adaptations to suit a range of requirements and designed to meet your specific needs all of which are fitted in our own workshops by qualified engineers.

Call us on 0845 257 1670 to find out more about our range of adapted vehicles or to place an order!

Our Adaptations


Our adapted cars for the disabled provide a comfortable, reliable and accessible answer to the transport problems faced by many disabled people, allowing them to retain and increase their independence and contribution to society whilst increasing their own physical and mental wellbeing.