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The First Race – Snetterton 300

The first race weekend of the season took place at the new Snetterton 300 circuit. We had arrived at the track early on Saturday morning to sign on and were greeted with lovely sunshine. My race car rolled off the back of the trailer and it looked wicked with all the AVH stickers amongst others added to it. A particular favourite was the one Robin Welsh had made, a wheelchair doing a wheelie with flames coming from the back of it.

Quickly the call announcement came for me to go to the assembly area, to prepare for qualifying. I felt good during the session but was left on my own, meaning that I had nobody to try to catch or pace myself with. Despite this I was able to qualify with a time of 1.35.687. After a few hours it was time for the first race.

Robin Welsh had set me a target lap time of 1.34 so that was my aim. Sitting in the assembly area reminded me of when I used to do the same for motocross racing. During the race I didn’t get the greatest of starts, and suffered from a lot of wheel spin. However I tried to keep my head and set about catching the cars in front of me.

The remainder of my race involved a race with the two women that compete in the Championship. We were changing positions for 3 laps but I was never able to get past the both of them. Then one lap after a great run through Williams on to the back straight I was able to get past both at the same time. After this I set about building a gap between me and the cars behind. I was able to do this however a few mistakes into Montreal, me getting used to the new manual gearbox in the car let one of the ladies back past me and this is how the race finished. The results sheets came out and I had finished in 26th of 31 competitors and my best lap time was a 1.34.779. I was so happy; I had great fun battling and had managed to achieve my target lap time.

My next race was the first one on track on Sunday morning. Again we were greeted with sunshine and shortly after arriving at the track it was time to go back to the assembly area. My target lap time for this race had been set at a 1.33. I was beside Stephen Murphy in the assembly area and I wanted to beat him as well. I got a much better start this time and again settled into position and then set about catching the cars in front. I passed Stephen Murphy and tried to build a gap on him, but another gearing mistake into Montreal enabled him to get back past me. I did not let this deter me and tried to keep with him. I stayed with him and after a great drive through Murrays was able to pressure him wide into the first corner however he swung back onto the track and I was unable to get past here.

I was on the outside of Stephen Murphy for Montreal and was able to be on the inside of him for Palmer but didn’t want to crash into him so was unable to pass on this occasion. However I showed him a wheel into Agostini and he ran wide finally letting me past. This was how the race finished. On arriving back into the pits I eagerly awaited the results sheets to see where I finished and my best lap time. I had finished 27th out of 30 competitors and the icing on the cake was my 1.32.265 best lap time. The weekend had been brilliant, I had two great battles over the two races and was able to improve my best lap time over the weekend by over 3 seconds.

I would like to say a big thank you to Adapted Vehicle Hire for giving me the chance to compete in the race and to Robin Welsh and Jason Dzenis for taking my race car to Snetterton and for providing the race support that they did.